DPL embarked on a Kaizen journey in January 2009.

DPL embarked on a Kaizen journey in January 2009. We commenced with awareness training programs and inaugurated the Kaizen Promotion Office (KPO). The office is designed as an educational facility to promote the Kaizen Philosophy, Gemba Kaizen activities and projects done and other continual improvements identified.

We have carried out three Gemba Kaizen Workshops taking up eight projects in the Raw Materials and Finished Goods Stores, Board Making and Conversion Machines areas.

Benefits realized:

  • 5S – able to identify problems more easily, creation of space, organized workplace, increased staff morale and teamwork, less accidents due to improvement in safety
  • TFM – reduction in waste, reduction in inventory and unnecessary costs, shorter lead times, increased productivity, increase in staff efficiency
  • TPM – increase machine efficiency, reduction in downtime and breakdowns, decrease in machine maintenance costs
  • TQM – reduction in defects and rejections, employee involvement, continual quality improvement

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